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Curriculum Reform Information

Parents, Carers and Commmunity- what you need to know 

The NSW Government announced the NSW Curriculum Review in 2018 – the first comprehensive review of the NSW primary and secondary curriculum since 1989. The aim is to update and rework the NSW curriculum so that students can continue to contribute to Australian society in the 21st century.


Please find below information related to the Curriculum Reform. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the school. 

Fact sheet for Parents, Carers and Community

Phases of curriculum implementation – Overview

Phases of curriculum implementation – Engage

•The phases of Engage, Enact and Embed are designed to guide effective curriculum implementation for schools.

•Effective curriculum implementation is an iterative process for school leaders and teachers, rather than a singular event. Schools may move in and out of phases depending on the syllabus they are implementing. 

•In the Engage phase, schools explore aspects of the new syllabus to identify and plan for changes required for effective curriculum implementation. This phase typically lasts a year, though the length of time may vary depending on your school context and when NESA releases syllabus document.

•In the Enact phase, they teach, assess and report using the new syllabus. School leaders and teachers evaluate their implementation of the curriculum to refine new practices and systems. The length of time in this phase may vary depending on your school context and the stage you are teaching.

In the Embed phase, they strengthen and scale to ensure sustainable practices and systems. Embedding effective implementation is ongoing.